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Setouchi Art Experience

For those who appreciate contemporary arts, enter a realm filled with premier museums and uncompromising architecture. Explore the creative paradise of Naoshima and the surrounding islands in the Setouchi Region with this VIP experience.

Naoshima/Seto Inland Sea

2 Nights, 3 Days


2 people

What's Included

Accommodation for 2 nights at Benesse House

All-inclusive dining and beverages, activities

Car service to/from port

Full-time support staff

Full Description

Private Access to Art Museums

Experience private VIP access to iconic museums with a knowledgeable guide and a dedicated private driver. Your visit will be meticulously curated, ensuring an unforgettable and personalized exploration devoid of other visitors.

Gourmet Journey on an Intimate Cruise

Savor meals like a true VIP, prepared just for you by a private chef, while taking in the Seto Inland Sea breeze on a private cruise. Upgrade your experience by asking about renowned Michelin-starred chef options — because your comfort is our priority.



Retreat to the island's leisurely pace as you relax and enjoy island life. Enjoy a spiritually enriching Japanese mindfulness experience, "Ma", where the five senses and the mind are in harmony. Created by Hirotoshi Maruwaka, one of Japan's most respected creators.


Traditional Experience with Locals 

Prepare for a journey back in time, enriched with cultural immersion with the local islanders, fishmongers, and farmers. Beyond the allure of luxury, this experience offers a unique opportunity to connect with the traditional lifestyle and culture of the region.

Setouchi Art Experience

$27,000/2 guests

These exclusive tour options are only available when added to an Untold Japan tour, and currently cannot be booked on their own.


Book Your Setouchi Art Experience Now!

Explore the islands as a true VIP while getting an intimate perspective of how the locals live.

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