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Untold Team

Meet the team at Untold Japan, with decades of experience exploring, connecting with, and curating the best of Japan to bring you unforgettable luxury experiences.

The Management


Founder & CEO

Joshua Lassman Watts

With a wealth of managerial and marketing experience, Joshua took the bold step of relocating from London to Japan at the young age of 23. Having now lived over 15 years in the country, his goal is to give back to this incredible country. He has a strong network of connections in Japan and aims to support and promote local communities that are often overlooked by others. Joshua founded Untold Japan to share his insider knowledge and preserve the unique cultural heritage of the regions he serves. He provides travelers with an authentic and immersive experience that will leave a lasting impact on both the visitors and the communities they visit.

Kengo Goto.jpg


Kengo Goto



Christian Closs



Christina Nols

Drawing from his personal experiences of exploring different cultures, Kengo has developed a keen sense of adventure and understanding of the challenges of traveling in foreign lands. Having lived in London and traveled extensively in Europe, he brings a fresh perspective to curating tours that are not only immersive but also cater to individual preferences. With his passion for discovering hidden culinary gems and knowledge of local customs, Kengo looks forward to creating unforgettable experiences for visitors to Japan.

Christian left Germany for New Zealand after completing high school. After working in sports broadcasting, he moved to Japan and pursued a career in tourism, tailoring experiences for anyone's interests. He circumnavigates overtourism with a local perspective and deep knowledge of Japan's history, culture, language and hidden destinations. Christian specializes in helping visitors find a connection to Japan through their interests and hobbies.

Christina, a travel enthusiast with a profound love for exploring Japan's stunning hiking trails and savoring its diverse culinary treasures. With an academic background in Communication Design and Interactive Media, earned in Germany, she brings over a decade of marketing expertise to the table, cultivated both in Japan and on the global stage. Her extensive experience grants her a deep understanding of luxury standards and the well-guarded secrets of Japan.

The Team


Client Relations Manager


With an extensive background in international client relations management, Sarah is your dedicated point of contact for an extraordinary travel experience in Japan. Having been born in Japan, education took her abroad to cultivate a global perspective, which in turn eventually brought her back to Tokyo. From organizing consultations to tailor our bespoke luxury tours to your preferences to collaborating closely with our tour experts to ensure each of your needs are met, she is specialized in delivering a seamless journey like no other.


Marketing Specialist


Born in Nagoya, Sho spent his first six years in Japan until moving to Canada. His goal to one day move back to Japan became a reality when he made the move to Tokyo in 2021. With his background in communications and experience in marketing, he hopes to continue connecting the world to his first home and showcase its incredible landscapes, culture, and people.




Ayra left the Philippines for Japan to pursue a career in Design. Her interest in Japan’s art scene and culture took her to places and integrated these experiences into her work. Having lived in both Tokyo and Kyoto, her versatility and profound understanding of Japan gives her the flexibility to connect people through compelling visuals – inspiring new ways of seeing Japan in a fresh perspective.


Vision Designer


Hiroto is a true connoisseur when it comes to finding the best dining and nightlife spots in Japan. With a deep understanding of the finest establishments and hidden gems, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the Untold Japan team. Through his extensive network of contacts, he is able to provide exclusive access to a number of members-only establishments that are off-limits to regular tourists. Additionally, Hiroto has a keen eye for luxury hotels that are often overlooked by foreign travelers, making him an invaluable resource for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience in Japan.


Tour Planner


Having worked for several years in the Japanese travel industry, Naomi specializes in designing bespoke luxury tours for discerning local travelers. Leveraging her expertise and insights, she endeavors to showcase Japan's less-explored destinations and experiences to international tourists. With a keen eye for detail and meticulous planning, she strives to provide her clients with an immersive and unforgettable travel experience that captures the essence of Japan.


Tour Leader


Saskia grew up in Canada and New Zealand before moving to Japan at the age of 18, where she majored in Japan & East Asian Studies at the University of Tokyo. Living and studying in Japan's capital city allowed her to gain a deep understanding of the language and culture. It also gave her the perfect base to explore Japan. Saskia uses her wide knowledge of Japanese culture, society, and philosophy to animate the tours she curates and also to give context to unique experiences.

Lily Bray The Team Photo

Tour Leader


Lily studied History in the U.K, before travelling extensively through South America and Asia. After travelling throughout Japan she became captivated by Japan’s nature, architecture and way of life and made the Japanese countryside her home. While living under Mt.Fuji, she has cultivated a deep understanding of the connection between Japan's nature and its cultural heritage. Lily specializes in inspiring clients to discover natural hidden gems and to have authentic experiences to uncover deep-rooted customs.


Tour Leader


Miho, a Tokyo native with a degree in International Tourism, is your expert guide to the dynamic streets of Tokyo. With a passion for sushi culture, she specializes in immersive experiences like exploring fish markets and hands-on sushi-making workshops. Inspired by her international mindset shaped by travel and diverse friendships, Miho serves as a global bridge, forging connections that span continents. Join her on an unforgettable journey to discover the vibrant culture and hidden gems of Japan.


Tour Leader


Jordan has called Japan home for over 10 years. Fueled by an endless curiosity, he has traveled the country extensively during his time here, immersing himself in the culture, the history, and the nature. As a passionate photographer, he sees the world differently and prides himself in sharing all the beauty Japan has to offer. Jordan specializes in helping visitors gain a deeper appreciation for Japan and creating lifelong memories through storytelling.


Tour Leader


From her roots as a musical theater actress to her current role as professional tour guide, Yurina brings charisma and warmth to every excursion. Having been born and raised in Japan and later calling NYC and CA home, she uses her Japanese heritage and international upbringing to bridge cultures. Yurina's professional background in Japanese cuisine has provided her with extensive knowledge of sake, sushi and the culinary arts. Her dedication to sharing her culture and love for food adds a special touch to her clients' experience of Japan!


Tour Leader


Janna grew up in the United States with a longing to know more about Japan from the age of 13. After many years of self-study, she majored both in Japanese and International Studies to support her dream of living and working in Japan. Since then, her biggest passion has been to bridge the gap between Japan and the rest of the world through a foreigner's eyes. Janna quickly fell in love with the city of Yokohama and has resided there ever since her move to Japan.




An enthusiastic traveler with a keen interest in exploring diverse cultures and perspectives. Having studied abroad for a year at San Francisco State University, she has cultivated a profound understanding of various cultures and their interconnections. Her academic journey majoring in international business has further fueled her curiosity about global markets and strategies.

*All of our Tour Leaders are first-aid certified.

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