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Private Helicopter Tour

See Japan from a unique perspective, high above the cityscape of Tokyo, over the temples of Kyoto, and even around Mt. Fuji.

All across Japan

Tour Dependant 

From $300 - $10,000

Max of 4

What's Included

Unparalleled views of Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Station, Mt. Fuji, Kiyomizu-dera, Honganji Temple, and more. (Dependent on the tour)

Customized Tours Based on Your Interests

Endless Optional Selections

Pick-up and drop-off to and from heliport

Full Description

Breathtaking Views, Unmatched Luxury

Marvel at panoramic vistas as you soar above iconic landmarks in a private helicopter designed for opulence and cutting-edge comfort.

Tailored Routes for Unforgettable Moments

Design your sky-high adventure with personalized itineraries, whether it's a romantic sunset flight, a city lights spectacle, or a custom journey of your own creation.

Expert Guidance and In-flight Narration

Navigate the skies with seasoned pilots providing expert guidance and intriguing insights, transforming your flight into an immersive experience.​

Optional Add-Ons for a Truly Bespoke Experience

Elevate your journey with a selection of optional add-ons to customize your experience:

  • Limousine Pick-Up and Drop-Off: Begin and end your adventure in luxury.

  • Bouquet Option: Enhance special moments with a floral touch.

  • Video Option: Capture surprises, wedding proposals, or even entire weddings in cinematic brilliance.

  • Access to Golf Course: Combine your love for the skies with a round of golf at a prestigious course.

  • Michelin Star Dining Experience: Indulge in culinary excellence with a gourmet dining option.

  • Direct Helicopter Access to Luxury Accommodation: Take your adventure to the next level with direct helicopter access to premium accommodations.

Private Helicopter Tour

Starting from $300

These exclusive tour options are only available when added to an Untold Japan tour, and currently cannot be booked on their own.


Take to the skies on a luxurious adventure

Soar to new heights on an unforgettable journey through Japan with a private helicopter tour of your liking.

More Untold Exclusives


The Untold Omakase Tour

In true omakase fashion, you leave everything to us. Let us show you to Japan beyond your imagination.

Starting from $30,000

Dinner with Geisha.jpg

Private Dinner with Geisha

Peek inside the world of Japan's cultural elite with invite-only access for an evening with top Geisha.

$4,500/max of 6


Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Be transported back in time and become the star of your own Edojidai film, complete with a stylist, makeup, script, and film crew.

$10,000/group of 4

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