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Highly-curated experiences specifically for you

What is an Untold Exclusive?

Untold Exclusive: Tailored specifically for Untold Japan and our discerning guests, in collaboration with our esteemed partners, these offerings redefine extraordinary, promising unforgettable memories. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled, refined experience found nowhere else.

Please note: These exclusive tour options are only available when added to an Untold Japan tour, and currently cannot be booked on their own.


The Untold Omakase Tour

In true omakase fashion, you leave everything to us. Let us show you to Japan beyond your imagination.

Starting from $30,000


Expedition Hotel Zenagi

Stay along Japan's oldest pilgrimage routes and adventure in the pristine Japanese countryside. 



VIP Naoshima Art Tour

Explore Japan's contemporary art capital with a specialized tour and get a unique local experience.

$27,000/2 guests

Dinner with Geisha.jpg

Private Dinner with Geisha

Peek inside the world of Japan's cultural elite with invite-only access for an evening with top Geisha.

$4,500/max of 6

Floating Ryokan.jpg

Floating Ryokan

Spend 2-4 nights on a floating oasis of pure blissful relaxation while taking in the Seto Inland Sea.



Private Helicopter Tour

Marvel at panoramic vistas as you soar above iconic landmarks in a private helicopter designed for opulence & comfort.

From $300-$10,000

Edomae Sushi.jpg

Edomae Sushi & Wine

Spend a half day with a master sushi chef and sommelier, learn the art of Edomae sushi, and enjoy a historical lunch & wine.

$2,000/max of 4


Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Be transported back in time and become the star of your own Edojidai film, complete with a stylist, makeup, script, and film crew.

$10,000/group of 4


Private Whiskey Bar

Experience a fusion of Japanese tradition and whiskey craftsmanship at an exclusive members-only bar.

Prices vary

Ready to elevate your travel experience?

Book your journey now and indulge in the extraordinary — where luxury meets authentic cultural discovery. Secure your exclusive escape today.

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