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Let us Take You on an Untold Journey

For this exclusive, you leave everything to us to plan, book, and guide you across Japan. This will be a purely omakase-style tour, where we pick the locations you travel to, the activities you do, and the accommodations you stay at. Are you ready for a true adventure of Japan?

The Untold Omakase Tour

Location: Japan

What's Included: Fully guided luxury experience of Japan, accommodation, activities, and dining.
Availability: Enquire 
Duration: 2 weeks
Price: Starting from $30,000

Discover Japan in True Omakase Fashion

Like omakase sushi, where a master chef chooses what to serve, our Untold Omakase Tour leaves everything to us. You simply get to enjoy the best of the best in any season, and venture to see a side of Japan you never imaged. With our deep knowledge of this beautiful country, we will take you further and into the most unknown yet stunning places you'd never get to experience otherwise.

Luxury Meets Mystery

As this tour is completely omakase-style, you will not know the details of the tour until you are on it. Rest assured, with partnerships with some of the top hotels in Japan, you will get to experience the best luxury stays and exquisite hospitality that this stunning country has to offer. And with our knowledgeable guides, you'll truly get to experience an insider's tour.

An Off the Beaten Path Adventure

With our Untold Japan's Omakase Tour, we leave no stone left unturned. From helicopter rides to pottery classes deep in the Japanese mountainside, the possibilities are endless. Get ready to embark on an exceptional and unforgettable journey through Japan.

Ready to see Japan like never before?

The ultimate luxury experience of Japan awaits. If this sounds like an adventure you want to take, let us take you.

A truly unforgettable tour of Japan awaits!

Please note: No details of this tour will be shared prior to your arrival. This is purely an omakase-style tour where we guide you across Japan.

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