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Unveil Sumo's Inner World

Prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime journey into the heart of one of Japan's top sumo stables, run by the most decorated former yokozuna. This exclusive opportunity, timed with prestigious tournaments, offers an intimate look into the world of sumo like never before.

Japan's Top Sumo Stable Experience

Location: Tokyo*

What's Included: Full access viewing of one of Japan's top sumo stable, including watching morning preparations, hair styling, full-intensity practice, ancient sumo rituals, and chanko-nabe lunch.
Availability: Enquire 
Duration: Half-day
Price: From $500 per guest

*Dependent on time of season

Embrace Sumo's Ancient Traditions

Discover the time-honored rituals of Sumo that bind the sport to generations past. From the morning preparations to the cleansing ritual, immerse yourself in the essence of Sumo tradition.


Live the Life of Sumo Legends

Witness the living legends of Sumo as they don iconic attire, masterful hair sculpting, and engage in full-on practice sessions. You'll feast like champions during an extraordinary, sumo-sized lunch, capturing every enchanting moment.


Witness and Partake in Intense Sumo Training

For those seeking ultimate immersion, this experience allows you to observe and participate** in the essence of intense Sumo training alongside the country's top Sumo wrestlers, or rikishi, akin to the great Michael Jordan. This is your journey beyond compare into the heart of Sumo greatness.

Your Journey Beyond Compare

This is more than an experience; it's an immersion into the very soul of sumo. Unveil traditions, witness devotion, and honor history with a select few who are granted access to this sacred world.

**Only available to men

Claim Your Place in Sumo History

Reserve your spot today for an experience that epitomizes authenticity, tradition, and the pursuit of greatness.

Join the ranks of those who have witnessed the inner world of Sumo excellence.

Please note: These exclusive tour options are only available when added to an Untold Japan tour, and currently cannot be booked on their own.

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