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Immerse Yourself in the Genius of Edomae Sushi

Prepare for a gastronomic journey as you step into the world of Edo Mae Sushi, the essence of sushi genius. Learn from a legendary chef, as seen on Anthony Bourdain's journey, and savor the legacy of this timeless tradition.

Edomae Sushi & Wine Experience

Location: Tokyo

What's Included: Early morning trip to the fish market to hand select seafood, private lesson with Master Togawa on Edomae sushi preparation, full wine pairing & Edomae sushi lunch

Availability: Enquire

Duration: Half-day

Price: Total $1,500 (Max 4 guests)

An Immersive Morning of Sushi Artistry

Delve into the captivating tale of Edo Mae Sushi, the original and timeless sushi tradition. Discover the rich history and techniques that have mesmerized generations.

Guided by a Sushi Master and Sommelier

Witness the unparalleled expertise of the chef, as featured on Anthony Bourdain's A Cook's Tour, as they craft the freshest fish into edible art. Gain insights into the secrets behind the exquisite flavors that have captivated palates worldwide.

Hands-On Sushi Crafting

Roll up your sleeves and get a taste of sushi craftsmanship firsthand. Under the watchful eye of the master, try your hand at creating your very own sushi masterpiece.


Savor the Authentic Legacy

Culminate your journey with a sumptuous full-course Edo Mae Sushi lunch with perfected wine pairings. Relish the authentic flavors that have enchanted connoisseurs for centuries.

Reserve Your Sushi Adventure Now

Embark on a gastronomic adventure that marries history, tradition, and innovation. Reserve your spot now and become part of the legacy of Edomae Sushi!

Enquire now for this exclusive once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Please note: These exclusive tour options are only available when added to an Untold Japan tour, and currently cannot be booked on their own.

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