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Explore Japan's Uncharted Wonders with Our Luxury Tours

Bespoke Luxury Travel

At UNTOLD JAPAN, we pride ourselves on curating fully bespoke tours that are tailored to your individual preferences and interests. Our expert team of travel professionals work tirelessly to ensure that your trip is not only unforgettable but also caters to any specific needs or requirements you may have. From luxury accommodations to exclusive cultural experiences, we offer a wide range of options that are unique to UNTOLD JAPAN. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail is what sets us apart and makes us the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a truly special and personalized trip to Japan.

Buddha in Japan

Plan Your Tour

Planning a trip to Japan has never been easier with Untold Japan. From immersing yourself in local culture to exploring the stunning natural landscapes and enjoying mouth-watering cuisine, we offer a range of tours that cater to every interest. Don't wait any longer, book your free consultation today, so you can start your journey to discover the untold stories of Japan. 

Untold Japan

Untold Japan is dedicated to sharing Japan's hidden gems with travelers worldwide. Our team of experts has a deep connection to Japan's culture, history, and people, and we aim to provide authentic, unforgettable experiences that showcase the country's unique beauty and traditions. From off-the-beaten-path destinations to meeting local artisans and tasting Japan's flavors, we craft journeys that create lasting memories.

Japanese town


 Jeremy, France

"Untold Japan has been nothing short of amazing. My wife and myself wanted to embark into an “off-the-beaten-track” walking trip in Japan, and naturally we decided that 2 weeks before target start date. Joshua and his team was extremly responsive, very well organised and managed to pull it together within this time frame. The trip was everything we wanted and was a perfect fit to our ask. They even added a personal touch by taking us to diner on our first night in Tokyo to explain us properly the itinerary. The amount of details and care that was put into the documents they gave us was incredibly usefull. I don’t have single negative thing to say about my experience with Untold Japan."

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