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Samurai Armour


Spend 2-4 nights on a luxury floating Ryokan along the Seto Inland Sea. Experience an all-inclusive food and drink experience like no other.

A Floating Oasis on the Seto Inland Sea

Price: $10,000 per person

Length: 2-4 nights

Discover a realm of unparalleled luxury and serenity on a transformative 2-4 night voyage aboard an exquisite floating ryokan in the heart of the Seto Inland Sea.


Seafaring Splendor: Drift away in the embrace of tranquil waters, where every ripple whispers relaxation, offering an escape from the ordinary and a sanctuary for the soul.


Culinary Odyssey: Indulge in an extraordinary dining affair where innovation meets tradition. Savor meticulously crafted dishes that dance harmoniously with the sea's melody.


Liquid Elegance: Raise your glass to a symphony of flavors, where expertly paired drinks elevate every bite, amplifying the luxury of this immersive culinary experience.


Tailored Escape: Craft your narrative of opulence with a customizable 2-4 night haven. Let the sea's rhythm rejuvenate you, and embrace the lap of luxury tailored to your desires.


Where Dreams Sail: Beyond a retreat, it's an artful escape where time stands still. The Seto Inland Sea transforms into your canvas, while the floating ryokan becomes your masterpiece.


Secure Your Voyage: Reserve your exclusive sojourn today and unlock an exceptional fusion of luxury, nature, and culinary artistry that only the Seto Inland Sea can unveil.

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